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Why a Winter Wonderland Wedding? Pro's and Con's!

Winter wedding season is here!

Cold and possibly white with snow in some areas. Winter brings with it a different kind of romance all on it's own. Winter wedding fashion is exquisite! We are talking long sleeve wedding dresses,shawls and faux fur. You can pick something dramatic and original.

Take a look at our winter wonderland inspo:

Winter Wonderland bridal fashion inspo:

Pro's of a winter wedding:

1.You can add the most beautiful bridal accessories to your bridal look.

2.You can wear faux fur!

3.You can wear a beautiful long sleeve dress without getting hot.

4.The lighting of a winter wedding is warm and makes beautiful photos.

5.Your wedding will look and feel cozy!

Con's of a winter wedding:

1.Sometimes it rains and can be really cold for your guests.

2.If you don't want to wear or like a long sleeve dress, you will get cold.

3.The photographs outside can be unpleasant due to the weather.

4.You must warm the ceremony and reception with heaters from the venue-which can cost more.

5.You can get sick from the cold weather if you are not warm enough.


There is a lot of different opinions! You can choose which one is most comfortable and suitable for you. Not everyone is the same.

We love winter wedding because of it's warm, cozy look and feel. And we love faux fur! It is so fashionable and classy. You can even do a tan brown color with your navy and burgundy winter wedding colors. It always adds to your photos and bridal look.

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