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Wedding Dress Sleeve Style Guide

Different types of sleeves on wedding dresses is a real art! Wedding dress sleeves isn't always for winter weddings, it is also a beautiful wedding dress accessory.

There is a lot of different types of sleeves on wedding dresses. And here is a guide to help you!

Take a look at each sleeve style up close:

A Cap Sleeve can be made of different materials on a wedding dress. The most popular fabric used on a wedding dress is any type of lace. But it also looks beautiful with stretch crepe', mikado or satin.

A Short sleeve on a bridal gown is mostly made of mesh with lace appliques. But can also come in different types of bridal materials.

A Poet sleeve is a huge 2020 trend! Made from soft bridal tulle or mesh. And can be detailed with lace appliques.

A Set in sleeve forms part of the dress. It can be rounded off with the lace of the bodice or can also be made of various bridal materials.

A 3/4 sleeve is a very popular sleeve style on full figure dresses. It is very slimming for the arms and will always be finished off with delicate details.

A Long sleeve is the most popular sleeve styles. The most popular in the winter month weddings and is also timeless and elegant. Long sleeves also comes in various bridal materials.

A Raglan Sleeve is just for extra beautiful detail on a wedding dress. It gives it a complete look and can be styled with frills and lace.

A Tulip sleeve, trendy, fun and different. Tulip sleeves can be made of crepe', satin, mikado or lace!

Now you know all the wedding dress sleeve styles. We hope this guide will help you while shopping for your wedding dress!

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