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Wedding dress, Buy or Rent?

Most brides are in the middle of buying or renting. We hope to help you decide...

Perks of buying a wedding dress:

  1. Your gown is clean, new and perfect for your wedding day.

  2. You are the first one wearing the dress.

  3. Your alterations will be made according to you and you can change anything you want on your dress.

  4. You can keep it forever.

  5. If you are ready one day, and you don't have space for the dress, you can resell your wedding dress and get your money value back. There are so many websites today where you can sell and advertise your dress if you want to resell. And a good designers wedding dress will sell quickly.

Perks of renting a wedding dress:

  1. You don't have to worry what to do with the dress after the wedding day.

  2. Renting is a much cheaper option than buying.

  3. The wedding dress gets dry cleaned after each use. Which means you don't have to worry dry cleaning your own wedding dress after the wedding.

  4. You can do alterations on your rental wedding dress.

  5. Hiring a wedding dress is the most comfortable for most brides, financially.

The option is though, we know! But the best is to keep your options open, try on different styles within your wedding dress budget and ask your bridal consultant questions about the hiring options the boutique offers and what will be the best for your budget.

There are so many options today.

And the best advice we can give our brides is to keep in your budget. Trying a wedding dress on out of budget can only confuse the bride.

Let your bridal consultant take care of everything! They know the boutiques wedding dresses and prices best. So, describe what you like and what you want to your consultant and we promise you will have a great bridal fitting!

Whether you choose to buy or rent, the option is with you. Get your quotations on buying and renting and choose what suits you best.

Now you know the perks of both. And we hope it guided you into a more clearer mind about buying and renting.

Both options is a good choice!

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