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Top Bridal Mask trends for 2021

The bridal industry is adapting and evolving! Millions of brides around the world are getting rid of their bland disposable masks and investing in beautiful, stylish and reusable bridal masks! With a beautiful mask you can feel confident, flawless AND safe!

It is important to stay safe, as you have all your loved ones at the wedding, including your beloved grandma’s and grandpa’s! Safe does not have to mean unfashionable, it can be another great opportunity to accessories and enhance your look. Due to fabulous designers and technology, there are various magical bridal masks available in different colours, fabrics, shapes and sizes! Below are the top bridal-mask trends for 2021!


Your bridal masks can be customized with the Mr. and Mrs. titles printed on and more. You can give your bridal party their own mask with their unique titles, such as maid of honour or best man. This is a great gift idea and you will be able to choose the colours and make sure all the masks look the same for the wedding photos!


Your mask can be a part of your dress! Match your bridal mark with your wedding dress! Ask your tailor or bridal boutique to make a mask using the lace/fabrics used in your wedding dress. This can also be a special memorabilia for your older days. It can be a special piece to show and tell for your children and grandkids the story of the pandemic and your wedding day.


Matching masks are not a must, you can instead make it a statement! It can look extremely whimsical and unique to have a different type of mask. There are various stylish and funky masks for you and your bridal party to try that does not necessarily match your wedding dress. It is a great idea to match it with your colour-palette and make it a part of your wedding.

Plain jane!

Not in the mood to show off your mask? That is no problem! There are various plain and comfortable masks available. Masks that you do not want to see as much are usually in nude colours such as nude, beige, ivory and white. If your dress has some embellishments, it is a great idea to add some beads to your mask!

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