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Summer weddings Pro's and Con's

Summer weddings is the most popular wedding season. South-Africans love the hot, sunny weather.

Summer weddings colors can be from blush pink to bright shades of color. Summer starts around mid-October till mid-February.

Summer wedding colors is anything bright like Poppy and sage, white, gold and green, cinnamon rose, lilac and lavender,classic blue, pineapple, orange and purple pink, seaside blues and greens, marigold and floral.

Summer Wedding Inspo:

Summer wedding dresses can be anything light, airy and soft. Usually your strapless wedding dresses or delicate small straps are popular during this season.

A wedding dress for a summer season wedding should be something very light.

Summer wedding dress Inspo:

Pro's of a summer wedding:

1. The weather is beautiful.

2. You are not limited on a wedding dress, you can wear anything.

3. It is nice and hot, so an outside wedding is perfect during summer season.

4. The light outside is nice and bright.

5. Everyone wants to get out during summer.

Con's of a summer wedding:

1. If your wedding dress is to hot, you might not enjoy the hot sunny day.

2. In summer it can rain a lot.

3. Guests can get very hot if there is no cooling systems at the venue.

4. With wedding stress it can even be more warm.

5. Some peoples skin turns red when getting really hot, that might not be to good for the wedding photos.

A summer wedding is so beautiful and fun. Everyone's outside and everything is green and bright. Cooling refreshing drinks is perfect to have at your wedding and outside weddings is so beautiful with the beauty of nature.

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