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Simple Weddings

Saving money during your wedding planning is a number one for most bridal couples these days. A simple wedding is all you need! Intimate, romantic and ...simple.

Having a simple wedding might be the way to go during these uncertain times.

It is romantic, intimate and beautiful.

Minimalist is a great theme choice if you are having a simple wedding. Keeping the details simple and let nature take over.

As for your wedding dress, remember that you are the bride and can wear anything for your wedding day. As long as it makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.

This doesn't mean to go for a simple wedding dress! You can still have the lace, details, frills and drama. Even for a simple wedding, you can go way out with your dream dress. We've got your back on this one, no exceptions!

What is a simple wedding exactly?

A simple wedding is similar to a micro wedding. It means minimal guests and could be at a small venue that does't accommodate much people. And it also means something small and casual.

But, it is however your choice. You can have a formal, simple wedding or keeping it simple.

We love Simple weddings, it makes everything so personal.

Your closest friends and family, the bridal couple, the parents. What more do you need?

Always take advantage of special moments and days.

Happy wedding planning!

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