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Petite Beauties

Every petite bride feels like there is no wedding dress so small or short out there. But the good news is that a lot of wedding dresses start from the size UK2, which is South African size 4(XS).

And of course there are also alteration services available to fit the wedding dress perfectly according to your exact size.

Take a look at our Petite wedding dress inspiration:

Choosing something with beautiful detail on the bodice can make the bust look fuller. It is good choice to go for something like this if you are very petite. It will still show off the small waist and will work perfectly with your body's proportions. And a plain skirt just finishes off the look.

Fitted wedding dresses looks great on petite body figures. It is good, because it is not too much. Sometimes going for a big ball gown style if you are petite, the proportion doesn't look right.

You can definitely go for a beautiful low cut, open back!

Every style usually works for you, if you are petite. It is always good trying on styles to see which one works and looks the best for you.

Every figure is different and beautiful in each unique way!

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