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Mix & Match - New to the Bridal Fashion Industry

For some brides, it is important to look different each part throughout the wedding day. The new mix and match style is becoming big in the bridal fashion industry.

To look different at the ceremony, reception and photos is something to consider if you are getting married in 2020!

You can wear something clean and plain for your reception on your wedding day. Open shoulders and something comfortable to dance in. Or you can wear it other way around, clean and open shoulders for your ceremony and a lace bridal bolero for your reception.

The best part of bridal accessories, is that you can change the look of your bridal gown with something very simple and small.

A bridal lace bolero for example can change your plain, clean bridal gown to a lace detailed bodice bridal gown.

Changing your bridal look throughout the wedding day, makes it exciting and let your guests think you have two wedding dresses!

Every bride is unique and looks unique on her wedding day. Making your wedding gown a bit more interesting is totally up to you!

Adding accessories is never a bad choice. Or adding no accessories and going for the clean look is also perfect.

The best way to know if you like accessories or not, is trying them on during your bridal consultation. You can try different things and find out what you like or not. And of course exploring your personal choice of style.

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