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Micro - Weddings

Lets look at the bright side of things. Yes, you might need to change your big wedding to a micro- wedding. And why not? Let us tell you a bit more about micro-weddings and what is so special about them.

What is a micro-wedding?

A micro-wedding is any ceremony and/or reception with less than 50 total guests. Couples often combine an elopement and a reception to create their micro-wedding, but you have option to do both with a smaller party. Some married couples even choose to do a micro-wedding for their anniversary or vow renewal.

How to have a micro-wedding:

Pick your venue first and then tailor your guest list.

Get dressed up! Yes, you can still have the most beautiful wedding dress. Remember that no matter how big or small the wedding, your wedding photos will stay with you forever. And just a side note, now that you have less guests, spoil yourself and spend more on yourself and your wedding dress dress.

Get you photographer.

And the most important make the day meaningful. At the end it is all about you and that one special person.

The thing we love most about micro-weddings is that it is very intimate and personal.

If you are still one for a big wedding, we love that too!

The choice is between you and your partner. You must enjoy your wedding from start to finish and that is the most important of it all.

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