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Lace edge Veils

Top up your bridal look with a lace edge veil! You can wear a lace veil with a lace dress or a plain dress is all depends on you.

If you love lace, why not go all the way? It's not everyday you can wear lace, especially bridal lace.

The Cathedral veil is the most popular veil with lace detail on it. A lace edge at the bottem is usually the most popular style when it comes to a cathedral veil.

Lace boarders can go all the way around the veil or can stop at a certain point.

Lace is probably the most known wedding detail for decades. It will always be a timeless beauty choice.

You can go for your lace edge veil with any type of wedding dress, it is best to match the lace on your dress with the veil to give it a complete look.

We are in love with lace edge veils! They will always be in fashion and it can become someone's something borrowed or something old some day.

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