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How to have a whimsical summer wedding while social distancing.

Say yes to the dress online!

First things first. Find your perfect wedding dress at Michelangela Bridal boutique with online shop. Michelangela will have a consultant who will be able to help you virtually or via email. Book a virtual appointment with the consultant to discuss your budget, wedding theme, body type and your dream dress! Have your measuring tape close as your consultant might ask your measurements! The consultant will recommend some beautiful dresses which you can shop on their website. Remember, it is still entirely up to you which dress you want! It is your magical day, and you should feel like a princess. If you are not collecting from the store, ask your consultant how long shipment of the dress will take and whether it has to be ordered. Remember to ask your consultant if she can recommend a seamstress for those last alterations on lyour garment. Dresses are a standard length and usually has a standard bust, hip and waist size, that is why most brides have minor alterations made to their attire.

Your guestlist!

The person limit for weddings is 50 guests. This can be tricky as you would want all your friends and family to attend. But this might be the perfect opportunity to avoid the guests that you hardly know or who you have not spoken to in a few months. It is also great for your budget. Start by choosing your ‘VIP’ list, these are the people who you cannot image spending the day without. Remember to count your venue staff, photographer, officiant, yourself and your fiancé. Even if the staff is in another room, they will add to your total count. Then, of course, think about this logically. Of course, you want your grandparents there, but it might not be a good idea to expose them so much. Limit the number of plus ones you hand out. It is your special day, and in this uncertain and strange times, people will understand.

Social distance!

If you choose to have a micro-wedding, you have to think about your guests! Remind your guests to continually wash their hands and keep their facemasks on. It will help to have pretty basins and washing stations around the venue. A great idea is to have the ceremony outside in fresh air. Luckily, outside ceremonies and receptions are incredibly trendy. This will decrease the risk of any virus spreading. Have names on the seats and ask your guests to arrive just before the start of the ceremony. This will avoid a lot of unnecessary mingling and interaction beforehand. It might be a good idea to have more oversized tables to allow for more spacious seats and settings. A great gift idea could be small hand sanitizers, face masks or sanitary wipes.


To minimize your staff count, create a Spotify playlist so that you don’t need a DJ. Try to keep the ceremony as short as possible so that you can spend more time with your friends and family. Remember, no singing allowed! Another reason why a playlist would be a fantastic idea. Try to get your accessories from your dress suppliers, this will be easier, you will be able to purchase them at the same time, and you can ask your consultant to help you with your whole look!

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