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Behind the Gabbiano Wedding Dress

It is always interesting knowing where your wedding dress is coming from. And most brides-to-be wants to know.

Read more to find out more about our Gabbiano wedding dress range!

More about the Gabbiano Brand:

Fabrics and materials

When creating GABBIANO wedding dresses, we use only the highest quality of fabrics and jewelry. This visually distinguishes GABBIANO dresses from competitors and ensures durability and better preservation of dresses. Using modern technological solutions and the best world practices we save moderate cost.

Brand Values  Larisa Creed director and leading fashion designer of the company, who created the brand and the unique style. Therefore, the models have a great emphasis on silhouette, and in addition to corsets and ball gown skirts, there are light peignoirs, boho-style and even quotes from everyday fashion.

For more than 10 years, the Wedding Fashion House GABBIANO has been creating amazing pieces - elegant wedding dresses that form the perfect image of the bride, emphasizing the dignity of each bride to be.

In each region of our presence, we guarantee the highest level of quality and a wide range of models in different styles: traditional, classic, modern, shocking. We will be sincerely glad that the dress will become a small part of your happiness.

Original Gabbiano Wedding dress Design sketch

Original Gabbiano Wedding dress Design sketch


The process of a Gabbiano wedding dress is as follows:

Designing sketches (as above)

Manufacturing process (the make of the dresses takes 4-6 months)

Bridal Fashion Show - This takes place as soon as the whole wedding dress collection has been manufactured. A collection has about 24-30 wedding dresses. And at the fashion show the collection is being launched.

Here is a sneak peak at the Gabbiano fashion show(2021 collection)

And of course part of the process comes the professional photoshoots!

After the process, each and every wedding dress goes to one special bride-to-be! And the beautiful bride says yes to the dress!

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