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Tips on picking your Micro wedding dress

Your wedding day is the day you have been dreaming of, whether it is a big wedding or a small wedding. Be sure to go big, even if you’re your wedding is small! With big, we mean that even a less extravagant dress can PERFECT. Less is more ladies! Let us look at a few focus points when it comes to your micro dream dress.

When it comes to purchasing any wedding dress, there are things to consider, whether buying online or in-store. You have to think about your budget, your body shape and size, material and silhouette! You are unique, and therefore deserve to wear a unique dream dress on your wedding day. Before getting into the fun and juicy details of your dress, a hard pill to swallow is that the dress you have in your mind might not be the best dress for you, so a lot of compromises might be needed. But when you find THAT dress, you won’t even think twice about it.

Due to the size and unique mannerisms of micro weddings, the craze created a beautiful dress trend of its own. As if the trend had a little baby that we just can not get enough of! This trend includes soft chiffon skirts, sweet and lacey bodices, A-line and mermaid silhouettes, fabulous beading and unique necklines. Chiffon is what you need on your micro wedding day. It is beautiful and princess-like, without being over the top and expensive. It is comfortable and soft, and perfect for summer and winter Unsure when your wedding date s going to be due to COVID-19? Chiffon is the way to go!

Whichever dress you choose all depends on your body shape, personal style, your personality, the season of the wedding day and your budget!

This is an excellent example of the perfect micro-wedding dress. Masady is a lovely a-line dress with a soft, light-weight chiffon skirt and a beautiful lace bodice. This dress is sweet but with a twist that will make any bride blush! You will feel like the classy, confident princess that you are, AND she won’t break your budget! Masady if for the summer bride, who is sweet yet knows who she is.

Gabriel is perfect for the plane-jane who still wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day, but still wants to portray her unique and straightforward personality! Gabriel is extremely modest with strong sensual characteristics. She will make you feel fearless and free without any overwhelming notions. Gabriel can be dressed up with beautiful beaded belts and big veils, or kept modern and minimal and worn as is.

Think about who you are, what you want to represent, where your wedding is when your wedding is, what your budget is and the theme of your wedding. Nail these few factors, and you will definitely find your perfect wedding dress!

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