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The what, why and how of a micro wedding!

Planning a wedding can be extremely time-consuming, stressful, expensive, and during an epidemic, not an option at all! Therefore, we have turned to micro weddings. A micro wedding is an intimate gathering of not more than 50 guests celebrating your wedding. Although it is not an extravagant wedding of over 150 people, it is still extraordinary and still features all the unique traditions. Remember: it is still your wedding day, and it can always be a spectacular and unforgettable celebration.

Now that we know what and why to let us look at how! Before taking you step-by-step through the planning, you need to think about your location, budget and guest list. Roughly scribble down your thoughts, dreams, reality and fears of each category in your wedding journal or a piece of paper. When you have figured out more or less what you would like for your perfect day, start with these five steps.

Step one: VENUE

First things first; pick your venue! Make sure your wedding venue is open and is catering for micro-weddings. Once you choose a venue, it is easier to invite everyone and plan what is needed. You can add the location to your wedding invitations and plan accommodation if necessary beforehand.


One thing EVERY wedding, whether micro or big, has in common is that there are food and music. Ask your venue whether they cater or find your perfect caterer. It is a good idea to get a quote from both to compare prices and convenience. Your venue might offer cakes too, but if not consider getting your wedding cake from a bakery or a different caterer! Remember to tell your baker it is a small wedding. Get creative with your wedding cake; make sure that every aspect of this day is unforgettable! Get a DJ in the city or in the general area of your venue. If it is a destination venue, keep in mind travelling costs and accommodation for the DJ.

Step three: GET DRESSED!

Find your perfect wedding dress! Do not be afraid to go all out; this is your special day! But always keep your wedding theme, venue and budget in mind. Start planning your wedding dress a few months before your wedding date, along with your groom's attire! Don't get stuck on the fact that only 50 people or less will see the dress because you will still have the photos for everyone else to see! Your grandchildren and their children will always be looking at your images. And remember, you have to feel like it is your wedding day!


No matter how small your wedding, even if you elope, hire a photographer and videographer! You will regret it if you don't.

Step five: THE EXTRA'S

This is still your WEDDING DAY. It will still be worth it for you to hire a florist if your budget allows it. Thank you gifts and other exclusive extras are always a good idea, to make your day extra special and ad meaning to every moment. You have the perfect opportunity to make your wedding extra special and personal. Tip: Ask your venue if the venue hire includes linen and any other extras.

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