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The 2020 Airy skirt Trend

Clean lines, Flowy, airy and light!

Yes, that is the biggest 2020 wedding dress trend. Airy skirts are so easy to wear, they are comfortable and you can walk without stepping on material.

Airy skirts normally gives a boho look and feel. The material used for airy skirts is usually crepe or light satin. To make sure it is light and soft.

The trend became big the year of 2020. And also bridal slits. The slit makes it even more easier for the bride to walk comfortably. It opens up and shows a bit of leg while walking. It is however important to wear pretty shoes if your dress has a slit. Your shoes will show.

Having a beautiful detailed bodice with the clean cut skirt, rounds it all off. You can have lace, mesh, beading or anything!

The neckline matters in this case. Because your skirt is so plain and simple, having something detailed on top is a perfect combination.

Airy skirts will be in trend for a while. If it doesn't last forever. We absolutely love the look of the flowy skirt. You can see the bride is comfortable while walking and you can dance the night away in this dress style.

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