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Style your A-line Dress

Yes, there is a lot of different wedding dress styles. And yes, you style every and each one of them differently. Here is a few tips for our most popular wedding dress style, the A-line dress.

It all depends on the details your wedding dress have. Is it plain, detailed with lace and beading, long sleeves, strapless etc.

Usually an A-line dress has a lace detailed bodice with beading. You don't need a lot of accessories with this style.

The best is to wear nothing around your neck. You already have the beautiful lace detail on the bodice. Pair it rather with a beautiful hairpiece and earrings. That's all you need for this style.

And of course, a beautiful veil. Your veil is your person choice. Lace or no lace. You will need to see what you love with your dress.

If your A-line dress is plain, You can dress it up or keep the less is more look.

You can add a beautiful bolero, jewelry, a bridal cape, a dramatic veil, anything you wish!

The perks of an A-line wedding dress is that you can also add sleeves. Alterations is also a very important part of your wedding dress journey.

The alterations can also style your A-line wedding dress. Adding to your dress all happens at the alterations appointment.

The most important and number one tip we can give you, is to try on different things with your A-line dress. Pair all your options with your dress and choose the best option for you.

And remember to ask your personal bridal consultant to help you!

Happy shopping and have fun!

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