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Sexy, yet Elegant

Today we are talking Mermaid style wedding dresses! The most sexy wedding dress silhouette of all wedding dress styles.

If you are thinking of a mermaid style wedding dress, we are with you on this one!

A mermaid wedding dress is characterized by it's fitted style, which hugs close to the bride's body. Unlike A-line style or Ball Gown Style, this style doesn't flair out at the waist. Rather slightly flares out at or below the knee, creating a mermaid like "tail" that's utterly elegant.

Usually the mermaid style wedding dress isn't for every bride-to-be, just like Ball Gown style.

Every bride is unique and loves her own style and with what she's comfortable with.

We love a mermaid style wedding dress, because it is so fashionable and stylish. And you can style this wedding dress style with sleeves, long veils and many more accessories!

Another trend is the beautiful 3D floral as a detail to the dress.

And multi layer materials to give it a finished of look and feel.

We are in love with the mermaid style wedding dress. There is so much you can do to style it up or dress it down.

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