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Micro Weddings - Ideas

The average wedding includes 140 guests, but nowadays, more couples are looking to save money and further personalize their ceremonies and receptions with micro weddings.

A micro wedding is any ceremony or reception with less than 50 total guests.

Micro Wedding Ideas:

Choose your micro wedding package.

Do some research on wedding venues, doing micro weddings. Get a few options and pick the one best for you and in your wedding budget.

Micro weddings reception ideas

1.Hire musicians, go for a local band or dueling piano group.

2.Have a DIY bar or buffet, swap servers for an interactive dinner or dessert experience. It will get people talking and open tons of creative food ideas.

3.Use one long family-style table, it makes the vibe even more intimate and personal. Use bread baskets and serve food in large bowls to pass around the group. Like a real family dinner.

4.Get one or two custom drinks. Some personalized cocktails is a fun thing to have at your micro wedding. It just adds a little more to that personal feel!

5.Take group photos! Frame a giant selfie, print it out and mail the photo as thank-you cards after the celebration for a sentimental keepsake.

6.Choose a non-traditional venue, something small, we see nature, the outdoors!

7.Limit your flowers. Keep it green and natural.

8.Minimize decor, it is however a small, intimate wedding. Using minimalist decor just adds up to the look and feel of the wedding.

Of course, the wedding dress!

You are still a bride! And you still need the most beautiful wedding dress and feel the most beautiful on your wedding day!

For a micro wedding, we recommend something soft, light weight and easy to wear.

A bohemian look is usually the way to go for your micro wedding.

Check these two most popular styles:

Having something light and floral is perfect for your overall bridal look. Some off-the shoulder sleeves gives a boho look and the big floral lace embroidery will match the nature, outdoors feeling.

3D floral is perfect! Earthy look and femininity is perfect for your micro wedding. Light weight and easy to wear is all you need for your wedding day.

The most important part is to enjoy every moment, like you've been dreaming of.

Every wedding is beautiful and every bride is perfect!

Style your micro wedding with our handy tips!

Happy wedding planning.

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