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Choosing your Veil.

Your veil is the most important bridal accessory! It must match your dress, wedding venue, weather (for outside weddings) and your wedding isle.

The reason for your wedding isle - if your isle is to short for your cathedral veil, the veil will have to bundle up against your side in front of the alter, spoiling your alter photos.

If you are not one for the bridal veil, don't stress! Today there is a lot of other accessories replacing the veil, like flower crowns, tiaras, bird cage veils and stunning headpieces!

We have created a Veil Guide to help you with the different types of veils:

You can always custom make your veil the way you want. But there is the standard lengths and sizes.

Here is a Fun Fact of the veil tradition - just something interesting for you to think of.

- "The veil wards off evil and protect the purity of the bride"

Traditions has faded over the years, and therefor the veil is there only to complete the bridal look. However some traditions with the wedding veil still exists! And we love both ideas!

Lets take a look at the different types of veils:

The veil length is the bride's personal choice. It's the detail on the veil that should match the bridal gown.

During an exclusive personal bridal consultation, your bridal consultant will pair different types of veils, complimenting your wedding dress choice!

Now that you know the types of veils, shop on our online store to find your perfect veil!

You are more than welcome to contact a professional bridal consultant for any assistance towards your bridal veil.

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