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Choosing the perfect Bridesmaids Dress

Here are some tips when choosing your bridesmaids dresses:

Now that you have founded your dream wedding dress, it is time to dress your dream bridal team! Whether you are having a big wedding or a micro wedding, your bridesmaids need beautiful attire. Bridesmaid dresses not only ensure for a more aesthetically pleasing wedding but brightens up and establishes better wedding photos. Here are some great tips to keep in mind your shopping for your bridesmaids' dresses.

Like your wedding dress, create a Pinterest board or folder where you save ideas and inspiration for your bridesmaids' dresses. Page through your favourite wedding magazine and get some trend forecasts for your attire. Knowing what more or less what you are looking for makes your shopping experience easier and more time-effective. With this said, keep an open mind. Your ideal bridesmaids might not be in your budget or fit your wedding season and theme.

Be open to trying different styles and shapes, especially as your bridesmaids are all different and unique. They will most likely have different body shapes and will look different in different styles. Even though it is your special day and yes, you have the final say, they should still feel comfortable on the day. A good idea would be to share your inspiration boards with your bridal party to receive some feedback and input.

Have your colour palette close when you search for dress styles and fabric types. Keep the season and style of your wedding in mind. Pastels and bright, fruity colours such as mint, lavender, orange and pink will be perfect for a summer/spring wedding. Warm earthy tones are perfect for winter/fall, such as emerald and burgundy. Keep your theme in mind; you can't have your bridesmaids in bright pink if your venue is rustic and your wedding palette has earthy tones. It is very trendy to have your bridesmaids have the same colour dress but all in different styles, and even different shades of a colour. Embellishments and sequence are always a beautiful extra to have on your party's attire for a formal/black tie wedding.

An essential thing to keep in mind is your budget. The budget has to be carefully estimated beforehand and discussed with your bridesmaids. Lately, it is popular (more like the norm) for your bridesmaids to chip in or fully pay for their dresses. Your bridesmaids will know that they are responsible, but it would be a good idea to remind them. Ask your bridesmaids if they are willing to pay and if they would be able to pay at all. If you would like to pay for the dresses yourself as a thank you gift, it would be a good idea to look for promotional offers or sales (For example; Michelangela Bridal Boutique is offering two free bridesmaids dresses with a wedding dress). Bridesmaids shoes and accessories do not all have to be precisely the same, but it would be a good idea to give them a guideline; for example, everyone has to wear black shoes. Remember that your bridesmaid's dresses have to match your wedding dress style.

It is vital to stick to the schedule. It is order etiquette (especially those who are ordered to measurements) to take up to six months for your dresses to arrive and an additional four weeks if any alterations have to be made. It is always best to ensure the dresses are the right fit, so ensure your bridesmaids' measurements are taken correctly! Click here for a measuring guide to ensure their dresses fit perfectly. Ask your bridal boutique or dressmaker when you can expect your dresses. A bridesmaid dress is typically ordered using a person's biggest measurements (from the bust, waist and hips), therefore your bridesmaids are likely to buy dresses at least a size larger than they usually wear. Inform your bridesmaids that it is much easier to make a dress smaller than having to make it bigger. Remind your girls to have the appropriate undergarments! You do not want black bra-straps sticking out on the day or on your wedding photos. Nude undergarments might be essential and even a stick-on bra or body shaper.

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy your planning! This is your big day and ultimately it is for you to be happy.

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