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Bridal Shoes

Not sure how to match your bridal shoes with your wedding dress or wedding theme? Well, we've got you covered!

Your bridal shoes is important for your wedding theme and venue. Especially your venue! A pair of stiletto heels will give you a hard time at your outside rocky venue, choose a flat shoe or if you want to wear a heel, choose a thick heel, wedge or heel stoppers to walk comfortably on grass and ground.

Worried that your casual sandal shoe wont match your formal themed wedding?, if you want to go for a flat shoe but have a more formal wedding, rather go for a bridal pump or closed toe sandal.

We have put together a few wedding themes with a dress and shoe matching it, so you will understand the importance of your bridal shoe.

Today there is so many options on wedding shoes, some brides-to-be wears country boots, sneakers, sandals and many more. So there are no rules! Your bridal shoe depends on personal choice and comfort.

Here is the basic bridal shoes you could consider for your wedding day:

There's no limits when it comes to bridal shoes! Whether you're a shoe lover or a country girl, loving your boots. Just make sure your shoes matches your wedding dress and wedding theme. And most important: It must be comfortable for you! Remember when you go shoe shopping, your bridal shoes will be on your feet for hours.

Take a look of wedding theme examples, paired with a bridal shoe and a dress matching the theme:

Choose the wedding shoe most comfortable for you. The last thing you want to remember from your wedding day is sore feet!

We really hope this bridal shoe guide will help you when going shoe shopping. And remember a bridal shoe depends on person choice and comfort!

Shop your bridal shoes online! Follow the link and happy shopping:

Contact us if you have any questions!

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