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Autumn Weddings-Pro's and Con's

In South Africa Autumn is April to May.

Autumn weddings is romantic, warm and cozy! The colors of an Autumn wedding is usually warm jewel tones, deep green and bright whites, pumpkin, sage and blush, rich shades of purple, trendy mustard and natural greens, elegant navy and gold, Merlot, peach and Boysenberry.

Autumn Wedding Inspo:

Your wedding decor and theme can be a country theme. With the Autumn colors it goes perfectly with a warm wood look and feel and very rustic decor.

Autumn Wedding Dress Inspo:

Autumn is quite a cold season. You can consider a wedding dress with a sleeve or maybe a bridal bolero for your Autumn wedding.

Autumn Weddings Pro's:

1. The colors is beautiful.

2. It's not to hot or to cold.

3. The venues looks beautiful during Autumn, with rich nature colors.

4. You can wear cute accessories, like a faux fur bolero.

5. The lighting outside during Autumn is beautiful for your wedding photos.

Autumn Weddings Con's:

1. You never know when it is going to rain in Autumn.

2. You can pick a very cold day.

3. Sometimes it is very dry during Autumn.

4. It is getting dark very soon, so your photos can't last to long.

5. The wind can be strong in Autumn.

Autumn weddings is so beautiful and so unique. We are in love with this season's wedding look!

There is so much options you can do with decor and wedding photos.

It is a very special season!

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