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2020/21 Bridal Trends

Bridal fashion has gone on for years now! It changes all the time, every year there is a new style trend for wedding dresses.

Not all brides are getting married in dresses nowadays, the biggest bridal trend for 2020 is bridal jumpsuits!

Take a look at our top 4 bridal trends!

Bridal trends is not for every bride-to-be. Trends is fashion for the current year ahead. It is not something you have to follow or get married in.

New bridal collections launches every end of the year for the next year. So every year brides doesn't look the same at all! And we love it that way.

Airy Skirts is big for 2020! Soft, elegant skirt, sometimes with a sexy slit and beautiful bodice detail. This trend is definitely timeless and will last forever. This look is perfect for various types of wedding themes. It will be fit in with your wedding theme!

Puff Sleeves, our personal favourite trend of 2020! This look gives you a royal look and feel. Puff sleeves is usually paired with a clean look. The sleeves takes most of the detail on the wedding dress with puff sleeves. Rounded off with delicate details to complete the overall look!

Bridal Capes is such a gorgeous accessory! It can be replaced with the bridal veil. Bridal capes usually has beautiful lace detail and can be made of bridal tulle, chiffon, crepe' or satin.

Finally, Bridal Jumpsuits! Perfect for the classic, modern bride.Bridal jumpsuits is a total show stopper! Also a timeless trend, we think!

Now you know the 2020/21 bridal trends. Our personal top 4!

Bridal trends will be here forever, so it doesn't matter in which trend you get married. Every bride is beautiful in their own unique way. And of course you get different types of brides, so every trend suits a type of bride.

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