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"The absolute best service and the dresses there are super super gorgeous. I cannot WAIT to get married in my beautiful dress!! Thanks so much Valery and team!! My breath is taken away I cannot believe a dress can be so beautiful."

-Mequede Risi-

Gabbiano Wedding Dresses

Current Collections


Crystal World

Best Seller of Collection - Gabriel

“Crystal World” is the name of this wedding collection - for lovers in the style of “boho”. Lace layouts with a floral theme impose a texture on the wedding dress.


Mon Plaisir

Best Seller of Collection - Juliane

The unexpected collaboration of the images of ancient France, lavender fields of Provence, flowering and fragrant vineyards, and modern, fashionable, full of life Paris - this is the main concept of the Mon Plaisir collection.


Paris Rhapsody

Best seller of Collection - Nestor

Beautiful, elegant, fun and exciting.

Your Heart 2020

Best Seller of Collection - Baco

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Best Seller of Collection - Rozaliya

Inspired by the images of royal brides, luxurious fabrics and various silhouettes framing chic lace and rich decoration, the designers of GABBIANO created a line of wedding dresses Jozi.


Queen from GABBIANO will allow each bride to feel luxurious, beautiful and sexy in any size. Floral prints, comfortable soft corsets, translucent fabrics, well-defined waistline, multi-layered skirts, luxurious trains and other elements of wedding dresses contribute to this.


Infanta collection is all about 2020 wedding dress trends!

Clean lines, minimalist and classy.

You will find the bridal jumpsuit a lot in this collection.

Our Story

At Michelangela Bridal Boutique our mission is to find your dream dress for your perfect body shape!

You are welcome to view EXCLUSIVE Gabbiano collections and experience our luxurious bridal fittings.

More about the Gabbiano Brand: 

Fabrics and materials

When creating GABBIANO wedding dresses, we use only the highest quality of fabrics and jewelry. This visually distinguishes GABBIANO dresses from competitors and ensures durability and better preservation of dresses. Using modern technological solutions and the best world practices we save moderate cost.

Brand Values 

Larisa Creed director and leading fashion designer of the company, who created the brand and the unique style. Therefore, the models have a great emphasis on silhouette, and in addition to corsets and ball gown skirts, there are light peignoirs, boho-style and even quotes from everyday fashion.

For more than 10 years, the Wedding Fashion House GABBIANO has been creating amazing pieces - elegant wedding dresses that form the perfect image of the bride, emphasizing the dignity of each bride to be.

In each region of our presence, we guarantee the highest level of quality and a wide range of models in different styles: traditional, classic, modern, shocking. We will be sincerely glad that the dress will become a small part of your happiness.


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