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Spring Weddings - Pro's and Con's

Spring is such a beautiful season to get married!

The colors is bright, beautiful South African sunshine days and it's green, everywhere!

Spring season is from the 1st of September till the 30th of November.

For a Spring wedding there is so much you can do.

Spring wedding colors is beautiful like your Lemon yellows and peaches, greens and grays, pinks and light blues, blues and whites, fuchsias and oranges, blushes and navy and shades of greens and purple.

Spring Wedding Inspo:

With your decor for a spring wedding you can go with something clean, minimalistic and play a lot with the beautiful spring flowers.

Spring Wedding Dress Inspo:

Spring wedding dresses also has a lot of color, floral lace embroidery or lace and a lot of beautiful details.

Pro's of a spring wedding:

1. Spring flowers is beautiful and colorful.

2. Spring colors are refreshing.

3. The weather is amazing on spring days.

4. It is nice and hot on most days during spring.

5. Sun sets later during spring, which means your wedding photos can take longer for flawless photos!

Con's of a Spring wedding:

1. You have to check if you're not choosing a rainy time.

2. It can get very hot during spring.

3. Flowers needs more water during spring.

4. Spring nights can get a bit cold sometimes.

5. Air conditioners is needed for a spring wedding, and not all venues have this facility.

Spring weddings are so refreshing, the colors is beautiful and perfect, the decor can be from classic to rustic. The options for a spring wedding is a lot! And we absolutely love the whole look of spring weddings!

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