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Matching your wedding dress with the venue!

A wedding should all come together as one beautiful picture.

Some brides like to match everything of the wedding with their wedding dress and other brides matches their dress with the decor. However, the choice is yours and anything you chose to to will be beautiful. We created a guide to give you an idea of what wedding dress goes with what wedding venue/theme. Have a look!

For a modern look, go for something trendy and fashionable. Wedding decor is usually narrowed down and a lot of wood decor adds to the modern look and feel. Make sure your wedding dress has the colors that matches the modern wood look!

A city chic wedding venue is usually giving you that city feeling. With a lot of popping colors and soft fabrics it adds to that luxurious feeling. Match a unique type of dress with your city chic wedding, consider a color wedding dress with your city chic decor.

Gold and black goes together like salt and pepper! Very fashionable and modern right now. If you want to go for the gold and black theme, make sure your wedding dress is simple and also modern to match your theme and venue.

A country theme is very relaxed and pleasant. Make sure your wedding dress also gives that relaxed feel to it. The country venues has a lot of gravel road, so it is important to make sure your wedding dress is comfortable.

Rustic themed weddings gives you a warm, cozy feel. Your wedding dress should match the color scheme with the rustic look. Something relaxing and beautiful goes perfect with your rustic wedding theme, also a little bit of more lace than ordinary!

There you have a bit more information about wedding venues. themes, color schemes matching your wedding dress!

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