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Does your size really matter?

Every bride-to-be wonders, what is the perfect bridal size?

Let me tell you a secret...

From the years and years of experience in the wedding dress industry, we can tell you and promise you that, no matter what your size you are going to be a STUNNING bride!

A lot of our petite brides-to-be feel they will never find a wedding dress that will fit and will never be a perfect length fit for them.

And a lot of our curvaceous brides-to-be feel they are also going to struggle to find their dream dress.

Let me make you feel at ease a bit, beautiful bride-to-be. You will find your dream dress! Use our key features to remember when you are searching for your dream dress:

Alterations Matter

Yes, you will need to do a few alterations here and there.

Remember that wedding dresses are made in standard sizes and no one is a standard size. So don't feel bad if something is too loose or too tight or too long or too short, it can be fixed by professional seamstresses. And then your dream dress will be 100% according to your size!

Having an open mind, matters

Always look at wedding dresses with an open mind. When you are fitting wedding dresses, concentrate on what you love about every and each wedding dress and not what you don't like. This will help you even more finding your dream dress.

Being yourself matters

Having fun at your bridal fitting is the most important part! You are beautiful, you should embrace your unique beauty. And there is no better way to do that, than being just yourself!

At the end,

Nothing more than your happiness matters. Not even your size! We have a lot of experience and probably saw every body shape and size you can get.

Size is just a number and if you are a beautiful bride-to-be, size should be one of your least worries!

Because we've got you on this one.

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