Bridal fittings and Lockdown

Fitting wedding dresses during national lockdown?

How did things change and what's the next step for brides-to-be?

Fitting wedding dresses will always be the most important part for brides.

And being in a pandemic, doesn't make it easier, experience wise.

But let's look at the brighter side of things and make the best of it!

We can promise you, fitting a wedding dress now is very much the same (and still very special) like before lockdown.

We are still trying our best finding every bride's dream wedding dress.

Every bridal fitting concept stays the same, now just with a mask on. The bride is allowed to bring along her guests, but we prefer a limit of only 3 people.

Sanitizing is our number one priority. Before and after each bridal fitting, fitting rooms are sanitized, high touched surfaces and even the dresses.

Doing your bridal fitting during lockdown is completely safe! And still the same special moment as always.

Just with few extra precautions in place.

We all know, now we are in the new normal. So making the best out of the new normal is exactly what we are doing.

Here is our regulations, we have in place for every beautiful bride-to-be, so you can feel at ease when coming for your bridal consultation with us:

We fully support stopping the spread of Covid-19. And the safety of our clients and staff is our first priority. By implementing few important rules during this uncertain time we will do our best to be a Safe Zone for our Brides-to-be.

  • All clients and guests must wear a face mask upon arrival. The bride-to-be can remove her mask in the fitting room.

  • Fitting rooms will be sanitized before and after every appointment.

  • A maximum of 3 people per consultation will be allowed.

  • The shop will accommodate with only few appointments per day.

  • Each client can fit 3-5 wedding dresses.

  • Specific areas will be marked in order to keep social distancing.

We look forward meeting and welcoming you!

Get in touch and make your safe fitting appointment with us.

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