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Bridal Alteration Services

A lot of brides-to-be is worried, they wont find a wedding dress that fits them. Or that the dress will be to big or to small.

But bride-to-be, don't you worry! With alterations services, the real magic is happens.

The most common alterations on a wedding dress:

Shortening the hem. About 99% of wedding dresses will be to long for brides and will have to be made shorter.

Train loop and button. For dancing it is best to hook up your train for comfort.

Taking in/out at the hips or waist. If the dress is to small, it can be taken out and if the dress is to big it can be taken in.

Taking in around the bust. If you have a small bust, it can be taken in for you and even changing the cup size for you is possible.

Shortening the straps. There will always be a lot of allowance on the straps. And it can be made according to your comfort.

Altering of the neckline and changes on the gown. If you want to change something on your neckline or dress, anything is possible.

You must make sure to start your alterations 1 to 2 months before the wedding date. It is important not to begin alterations to soon or to far away from your wedding date.

Your bridal consultant will make arrangements for you and will let you know closer to your wedding date when you should come for your alterations.

Brides-to-be must also remember to not pick a wedding dress according to the fit. You must remember alterations will be made for you.

Seamstresses with years of experience will help you and will make your wedding dress perfect, just for you!

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